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Example: Limiting the Number of Login Attempts for SSH and Telnet Sessions

The following example shows how to limit the user to four attempts when the user enters a password while logging in through SSH or Telnet. Set the backoff-threshold to 2, the back-off-factor to 5 seconds, and the minimum-time to 40 seconds. The user experiences a delay of 5 seconds after the second attempt to enter a correct password fails. After each subsequent failed attempt, the delay increases by 5 seconds. After the fourth and final failed attempt to enter a correct password, the user experiences an additional 10-second delay, and the connection closes after a total of 40 seconds.

[edit]system {login {retry-options {tries-before-disconnect 4;backoff-threshold 2;backoff-factor 5;minimum-time 40;}password {}}}

Published: 2010-04-26