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Traceroute MIB

The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific Traceroute MIB supports JUNOS Software extensions of traceroutes and remote operations. Items in this MIB are created when entries are created in the traceRouteCtlTable of the Traceroute MIB. Each item is indexed exactly the same way as it is in the enterprise-specific Traceroute MIB. For a downloadable version of the Traceroute MIB, see https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos10.2/information-products/ topic-collections/config-guide-network-mgm/mib-jnx-traceroute.txt .

For more information about using the Traceroute MIB and enterprise-specific Traceroute MIB, see the JUNOS Software Network Management Configuration Guide.

For information about the enterprise-specific Traceroute MIB objects, see the following topic:

Published: 2010-04-27

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