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RMON Events and Alarms MIB

The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific Remote Monitoring (RMON) Events and Alarms MIB monitors objects on a device and warns the network system administrator if one of those values exceeds the defined range. The alarm monitors objects in this MIB and triggers an event when the condition (falling or rising threshold) is reached.

The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific extension to the standard RMON MIB augments the alarmTable with additional information about each alarm. Two new traps, jnxRmonAlarmGetFailure and jnxRmonGetOk, are also defined to indicate when problems are encountered with an alarm.

To view a complete copy of the enterprise-specific extensions to the RMON MIB, see topic-collections/config-guide-network-mgm/mib-jnx-rmon.txt .

For more information about RMON alarms and events, see the JUNOS Software Network Management Configuration Guide.

For information about the enterprise-specific RMON Events and Alarms MIB objects, see the following topics:

Published: 2010-04-27