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The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific LDP MIB, whose object identifier is {jnxMibs 14}, contains LDP statistics, and defines LDP notification objects and types.

The enterprise-specific LDP MIB uses the following objects and definitions from standard MIBs and enterprise-specific MIB definitions:

  • IpAddress from SNMPv2–SMI MIB
  • DisplayString from SNMPv2–TC MIB
  • InterfaceIndex and InterfaceIndexOrzero from IF MIB
  • jnxMibs and jnxLdpTraps from Juniper Enterprise-Specific SMI MIB
  • jnxMplsLdpSesState from Juniper Enterprise-Specific MPLS LDP MIB
  • MplsVpnName from the standard MPLS VPN MIB
  • InetAddressType, InetAddress, and InetAddressPrefixLength from the standard Inet Address MIB

For a downloadable version of this MIB, see https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos10.2/information-products/ topic-collections/config-guide-network-mgm/mib-jnx-ldp.txt .

For information about the enterprise-specific LDP MIB objects, see the following topics:

Published: 2010-04-27

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