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Analyzer MIB

The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific Analyzer MIB, whose object identifier is {jnxExAnalyzer 1}, contains analyzer and remote analyzer data related to port mirroring on the EX Series Ethernet Switches. Port mirroring is a method used on enterprise switches to monitor and analyze traffic on the network.

When port mirroring is enabled, copies of all (or a sample set of) packets are forwarded from one port of the switch to another port on the same switch (analyzer) or on another switch (remote analyzer) where the packet can be analyzed and studied.

For a downloadable version of this MIB, see topic-collections/config-guide-network-mgm/mib-jnx-analyzer.txt .

For information about the enterprise-specific Analyzer MIB objects, see the following topics:

Published: 2010-04-27