Interface CongestionPointChecker

public interface CongestionPointChecker

This interface provides two ways to learn about network congestion points.

Method Summary
 CongestionPoint checkCongestionPoint(java.lang.String filter, int timeout)
          This method will return a reference to the congestion point specified by 'filter'.

Method Detail


CongestionPoint checkCongestionPoint(java.lang.String filter,
                                     int timeout)
This method will return a reference to the congestion point specified by 'filter'. It will block until a congestion point matching the filter is reported to the ACP, or until 'timeout' expires, whichever occurs first. Note that, after obtaining a congestion point, a listener may be registered with that congestion point to be notified when the congestion point changes or goes down.

The filter parameter is a string of the form "(<attribute name> = <attribute value>)", where <attribute name> is the name of a congestion point attribute. The possible attribute names are listed in the Javadoc for the method CongestionPoint.getAttribute(String attr). The <attribute value> may be one of the following:

Finally, a filter may consist of a set of filters, as defined above, combined using logical AND, OR, and NOT operators. This may take one of the following forms:

As well, the following special filters exists: An example of a filter is: (&(interfaceName = fastEthernet3/*)(routerName = default@junos))").

filter - The criteria that the congestion point's attributes must match, as defined above.
timeout - The maximum time to wait, in seconds. Zero means wait forever. A negative number means return immediately.
A CongestionPoint instance.
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