EASP Audit Plugin 7.14.0

Interface PersistentChangeAuditEvent

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ExportAuditEvent, SubscribeAuditEvent, SubscriberUpdateAuditEvent, SubscriptionUpdateAuditEvent, UnexportAuditEvent, UnsubscribeAuditEvent

public interface PersistentChangeAuditEvent
extends ManagerAuditEvent

The super interface of audit events that involve changes to the directory. This interface is intended for extensions in the future, which may report the modifytimestamp and createtimestamp of the object being changed.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface net.juniper.smgt.ent.plugin.ManagerAuditEvent
getManagerDn, getManagerPrinciple, getOperationTime

EASP Audit Plugin 7.14.0