EASP API 7.13.0

Interface Access

All Superinterfaces:
Managers, Persistent, Subscriber, Substitutions

public interface Access
extends Subscriber

An instance of this type represents one of an enterprise's access points to the service provider's network. Each ERX router interface that is used to provide an enterprise with access to the service provider's network maps to an Access instance.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface net.juniper.smgt.ent.im.Subscriber
acquireServices, clearImportedVPNCache, getAccesses, getChildren, getEnterprises, getFolders, getImportedVPNNames, getLocalVPNs, getParent, getService, getServices, getSessions, getSites, getSubscription, getSubscription, getSubscriptions, getSubscriptions, isSubscribed, isSubscribed, subscribe, subscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe
Methods inherited from interface net.juniper.smgt.ent.im.Substitutions
delSubstitution, getDefaultedVariables, getFixedVariables, getFreeVariables, getSubstitution, getSubstitutionVariableNames, hasSubstitution, putSubstitution
Methods inherited from interface net.juniper.smgt.ent.im.Persistent
addListener, delListener, getAttribute, getDisplayName, getId, getName, setAttribute, setAttribute, setDisplayName
Methods inherited from interface net.juniper.smgt.ent.im.Managers
addManager, delManager, getManager, getManagers

EASP API 7.13.0