acpPlugin.idl File Reference

Detailed Description

API that you can use to implement the Admission Control Plug-In (ACP).


namespace  acpAdapter


union  acpAdapter.AttributeUnion
 Structure used to pass attribute types to ACP. More...
struct  acpAdapter.TagValue
 List of attributes in TagValue format. More...
interface  acpAdapter.RemoteUpdateInterface
 Remote update interface. More...


typedef sequence< TagValue > acpAdapter.TagValueList
 Attributes are passed to the update() method in the form of a TagValue list.


enum  acpAdapter.RemoteUpdateType {
 Types of information that the application is updating. More...
enum  acpAdapter.CongestionPointState {
 Congestion point state indicates whether the interface is up or down. More...
enum  acpAdapter.RemoteUpdateAttribute {
 Plug-in attributes that the application can pass to ACP. More...
enum  acpAdapter.RemoteUpdateAttributeType {
 Possible encoding types of attribute types. More...

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