event.idl File Reference

import "sae.idl";

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exception  event.UnknownRouter
 Raised when a call for a currently not managed router is received. More...
exception  event.IllegalArgument
 Raised when illegal arguments were passed. More...
union  event.AttributeUnion
 Value union of an event attribute. More...
struct  event.EventAttr
 A single event attribute. More...
interface  event.RouterListener
 A callback interface that can be implemented by a client of the event interface. More...
interface  event.EventNotification
 The event notification interface of SAE allows integration with external IP address managers for router drivers that do not receive address assignment events directly from the router. More...


package  event


typedef sequence< EventAttr > event.EventAttrSeq
 A sequence of event attributes.
typedef sequence< EventAttrSeq > event.EventAttrSeqSeq
 A sequence of EventAttrSeq, used in EventNofication.ipSynchronize.
typedef sequence< octet > event.InetAddress
 IPv4 address: 4 octet in network order.
typedef sequence< InetAddress > event.InetAddressSeq
 A sequence of InetAddresses.


enum  event.EventAttribute {

List of possible event attribute types that can be included in an EventNotification.ipUp call.

enum  event.EventAttributeType {

Possible types of event attributes.


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