Admission Control Plug-In (ACP) API



The ACP application programming interface (API) is defined by CORBA IDL. The use of CORBA allows for language-independent implementation as well as location-independent deployment.

The ACP API allows dynamic updates of volatile information, that do not reflect static changes, such as the train rate of a DSL modem in a noisy environment. The updates are fast and immediate, but the changes are not persistent.

Creating the Application

You can develop your own application to update information about subscribers and congestion points for ACP. The application can call the update() method to interact with ACP. The update() method takes a property-value pair and passes the information to ACP.

To create an application that updates ACP remotely:

1. Compile the IDL file, and generate the code in the language in which you want to write the application.

2. Write the application, and include the generated code for the IDL file.

3. Use the CORBA object reference defined in the property ACP.syncRateAdaptor.ior to send data from the application to ACP.

For more information about configuring ACP, see the SDX Application Library Guide.

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