Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
sspPlugin.AttributeUnionStructure used to pass event attribute values to plug-ins
sspPlugin.DirectoryAccessInfoData structure for information that the plug-in uses to access the directory
sspPlugin.NameValueList of attributes in NameValue format
sspPlugin.PluginContextGeneric callback interface from the plug-in to the SAE
sspPlugin.PluginInterfaceBasic plug-in interface
sspPlugin.PluginInterface.AuthorizationDeniedSent if authorization is denied
sspPlugin.PluginInterface.AuthorizationDeniedWIf the ORB supports wstring (unicode characters), this exception can be raised instead of AuthorizationDenied
sspPlugin.PluginInterface.MethodNotImplementedA plug-in can throw MethodNotImplemented if the plug-in does not implement a method
sspPlugin.PluginInterface.OutOfSyncThis exception is raised when a state synchronization plug-in receives a plug-in event while the state of the plug-in is not synchronized
sspPlugin.StateSyncPluginState synchronization plug-in interface; extension of the stateful plug-in interface
sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin.PluginEventData structure for encapsulating a single plug-in event for bulk synchronization
sspPlugin.SubscriptionInfoData structure for subscription information
sspPlugin.SyncPluginInterfaceStateful plug-in interface; extension of the basic plug-in interface

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