The CORBA remote API provides a CORBA interface for external applications to access the service activation engine (SAE). This API is a module implemented in the SAE API.

Before You Use the CORBA Remote API

You should be familiar with the SAE core API before you use the CORBA remote API. You can locate documentation for the SAE core API on the SDX CD-ROM in the following directory:
You will notice that some of the class names are the same, but that the methods vary. The CORBA remote API bundles a number of methods together so that one remote API call can be made rather than numerous calls from the SAE core API.

Interface Module Manager

The software object ServiceActivationEngine represents the interface module manager. The SAE creates one object of this type and exports a CORBA reference for this object to the file:


When developing applications using the CORBA remote API, the CORBA reference is one of the following:

You can configure the SAEAccess module by using SDX Configuration Editor or by modifying the property file for an SAE. From the SDX Configuration Editor, you can use or modify the default SAEAccess instance or create an instance. See Components Guide, Vol. 1.

Plug-ins can obtain the reference through the plug-in interface.

Security Considerations

The CORBA remote API does not support any security restrictions. The remote interface and the SAE should be installed in a network to which only authorized clients have access.

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