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SAE API Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
sae.ActionStructure used for an action to be taken at a specified time
sae.ActionExtStructure used for service schedules that consist of actions that are performed at specified times
sae.AddrInterfaceNameStructure used to hold the name of a managed interface, the name of the router or virtual router on which the interface resides, and the IP address of the interface
sae.AttrStructure used for the name and values of an object attribute
event.AttributeUnionValue union of an event attribute
sae.DhcpAttributeStructure that encapsulates DHCP profile data that is used to manipulate IP addresses assigned through DHCP
event.EventAttrA single event attribute
event.EventNotificationThe event notification interface of SAE allows integration with external IP address managers for router drivers that do not receive address assignment events directly from the router
sae.FeatureNotInstalledAn Exception that indicates that a requested interface module is not installed
sae.GlobalAddressGlobally unique IP address
sae.GlobalLoginNameGlobally unique Login Name
sae.IdxPairStructure used to hold a subscription index paired with a service index
event.IllegalArgumentRaised when illegal arguments were passed
sae.InterfaceIndexStructure used to hold the SNMP interface index (ifindex) of a managed interface and the virtual router on which the interface resides
sae.InterfaceNameStructure used to hold the name of a managed interface and the name of virtual router on which the interface resides
sae.LoginExceptionException raised if a subscriber login to a subscriber session fails, or if an authentication fails for a registered login, an unregistered login, or a registered login that is being obtained
sae.NonUniqueUserExceptionException raised if there is more than one active subscriber session for the specified subscriber ID
sae.OverloadExceptionException raised if the SAE was overloaded at the time of the request and did not perform the requested operation
sae.ReadResultStructure used to hold the result of a subscriber information request
sae.RegistrationStructure used for client device registration information for DHCP connections
event.RouterListenerA callback interface that can be implemented by a client of the event interface
sae.SAEAccessInterface to access the SAE core API
sae.SAEExceptionException raised if there is an unspecified error condition within the SAE
sae.SAEFeatureCommon interface for SAE interface modules
sae.ScheduledTimeStructure used for two time specifications for a service schedule
sae.ScheduleEntryStructure used for a service schedule
sae.ScriptExecutionErrorThe script could not be executed
sae.ScriptSyntaxErrorThe script was rejected by the script compiler
sae.SelectStructure used to identify attributes and to filter information retrieved from service definitions and subscriptions
sae.ServiceActivationEngineThe interface to the interface module manager of SAE
sae.ServiceAuthenticationExceptionException raised if authentication for service activation failed
sae.SubscriberInterface that is used to manage an active subscriber session
sae.SubscriberIdStructure to identify one or more active subscriber sessions in an SAE
sae.SubscriberIteratorInterface that is used to iteratively retrieve subscriber objects that were not transmitted from a single API call to the SAE
sae.TimedAddressStructure that encapsulates a subscriber's IP address and the timestamp of the request
sae.TimeSpecStructure used for the attributes of a time specification
event.UnknownRouterRaised when a call for a currently not managed router is received
sae.UnknownServiceExceptionException raised if the requested service is not available
sae.UnknownServiceSessionExceptionException raised if the requested service session does not exist
sae.UnknownSubscriptionExceptionException raised if the requested subscription does not exist
sae.UnknownUserExceptionException raised if a subscriber is not logged in to the subscriber session
sae.UnsupportedExceptionException raised if SAE does not support the requested operation

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