Media Flow Manager Overview : Service Director

Service Director
This section describes how the Service Director feature works. Online video viewing can be significantly improved by delivering content from a location close to the user. Juniper Networks Service Director application is a cost-effective and easy to deploy solution to direct video requests to the nearest content server and deliver location specific content. The benefits are:
Note! The Service Director application is not a replacement for Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) or the DNS infrastructure that provide many additional services.
Figure 2 How Service Director Works
Service Director returns an XML response with the HOST field containing the server address (Media Flow Controller or Content Delivery Network) based on the user’s location
5. and 6. The Video is delivered
The player and/or portal contacts the Service Director which uses the source IP from the HTTP header or the IP address in the HTTP query URL and resolves it to one of continent/country/state/city/ZIP/ISP. Based on the match, an XML file is returned to the Media Flow Controller making the query with several details. From the XML file the Media Flow Controller figures out which server to contact. The XML file can be auto-created based on configuration, or pre-created according to a given format, or even with a proprietary format as long as the client will understand the response.

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