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Remote Monitoring and Management
You can use CMC to manage multiple Media Flow Controllers located anywhere in the network. It communicates with a client running on each Media Flow Controller to collect management information. Figure 1, “Media Flow Manager Interaction" shows how Media Flow Controllers can be scattered in various places and managed by a single CMC.
CMC can be used to configure each of the Media Flow Controllers that the CMC manages. You can send CLI commands to a particular Media Flow Controller, or a group of Media Flow Controllers. You can also copy the configuration from one Media Flow Controller and apply it to another.
Detailed management information about each Media Flow Controller that a CMC manages, including operational state, disk space, CPU utilization, and software version is provided as well as summary information about the CMC console.
CMC allows you to access the Management Console of each of the Media Flow Controllers it manages. You log into, configure, manage, and control a particular Media Flow Controller.
Media Flow Manager logs show the behavior of managed Media Flow Controller’s with respect to their operational status. The logging infrastructure provides time-based logs to correlate Media Flow Controller behavior at different times.

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