Media Flow Manager Overview

Media Flow Manager Overview
Juniper Networks Media Flow Manager manages Media Flow Controllers:
Central Management Console (CMC)—Lets you attach to Media Flow Controllers and monitor them, group Media Flow Controllers into named categories, create and apply configuration templates, and apply preset action profiles.
Service Director with Admission Control—Lets you to direct traffic to the Media Flow Controller closest to the client. Admission Control lets you control the bandwidth parameters of managed Media Flow Controllers.
Real-Time Log File Analyzer—Provided via AWStats™ generates advanced Web, streaming, and server statistics graphically.
Media Flow Manager supports various management interfaces: command line interface (CLI), Web-based Management Console, XML APIs, and SNMP GETs and traps.
Media Flow Controller nodes can be flexibly grouped based on factors such as business function or geographical location, for easier configuration and management. Configuration templates can be created and applied to different groups to provision new services. Media Flow Manager periodically performs application level polling of Media Flow Controllers to detect service unavailability and generate alarms, if needed. See Figure 1 for illustration.
Figure 1 Media Flow Manager Interaction
For details, see the Media Flow Controller Administrator’s Guide and CLI Command Reference.
Note! Media Flow Manager is a separate product and is not a component of Media Flow Controller. It needs to be deployed and managed separately.
Important! Media Flow Manager does not support RAID arrays.
Tip! Media Flow Manager provides a Web-based interface to manage your Media Flow Controllers; this is described fully in Chapter 3, “Media Flow Manager Web-Based Interface."

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Media Flow Manager Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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