Media Flow Manager Web-Based Interface : Reports

The Current Report, based on the Media Flow Controller accesslogs loaded to the CMC /log directory and is generated every 15 minutes. See Figure 84 for graphic.
Tip! You can set an auto-upload on the nodes using the Service Config > Access/Error Log page of the node’s Web-based interface or add a CLI command to your profile in the form of accesslog copy <SCP>; by default the accesslog will upload to the specified URL when the filesize reaches 100MB. See the “Command Arguments Key” on page 95 for the scp URL format).
Figure 84 CMC Reports Page Detail
A full log analysis enables AWStats to show you the following information:
Browsers used (pages, hits, KB for each browser, each version (Web, Wap, Media browsers: 97 browsers, more than 450 if using library file),
Search engines, keyphrases and keywords used to find your site (The 115 most famous search engines are detected like yahoo, google, altavista, etc...),
For more information, please see the AWStats Website.

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