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Admission Control > Configure
Click the Configure link at left to open configuration options, the Media Flow Controller Transmit Bandwidth graph still displays at top.
Configure Control Parameters
Configure a high watermark bandwidth and low watermark bandwidth. See Figure 80, below, for graphic.
This lets you throttle the aggregate bandwidth delivered by the Media Flow Controllers, ensuring that the publisher does not pay bandwidth overage charges. Watermarks do this by returning only the default host (vs. the configured host) when the bandwidth usage is too high.
High Bandwidth Watermark (Kbps)— If the current bandwidth measured in the last 20 seconds goes above the set high watermark, the Service Director only returns the default configured host (typically the CDN). This would mean that no new traffic comes to the Media Flow Controllers while they serve all the current requests.
Low Bandwidth Watermark (Kbps)—If the current bandwidth drops below the set low watermark, the Service Director goes back to normal operation returning hosts based on the set configuration.
Sampling Frequency (Seconds)—Set how often the monitored Media Flow Controllers bandwidth data is sampled. By default, the data is sampled every 20 seconds with a 20 second window, meaning bandwidth is calculated every 20 seconds.
Click Apply to complete the monitoring control configuration and Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 80 Admission Control > Configure Page Detail (Configure Control Parameters)
Media Flow Controller nodes monitored
Use this list to remove from monitoring any Media Flow Controller that has been added to the monitoring list. See Figure 81 for graphic.
Select the Media Flow Controllers that you want to remove and click Remove Selected.
Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 81 Admission Control > Configure Page Detail (Monitored Nodes List)
Add Media Flow Controller node to monitoring list
Any Media Flow Controller that CMC is managing can be added to the Admission Control monitoring list. See Figure 82, below, for graphic.
Media Flow Controller Node Name—Choose a configured Media Flow Controller from the drop-down list.
Media Flow Controller Node Interface—Enter the interface name (i.e. eth11) on which the CMC will gather the monitoring data.
Click Add to complete the monitoring list configuration and Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Configuration changes take effect immediately from the next client request.
Figure 82 Admission Control > Configure Page Detail (Add Node to be Monitored)

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