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Preset Profiles > Preset Config
For the selected Media Flow Controller or group, you can verify a Preset Config.
Apply Probe
Setup a probe namespace that can be used by probes, such as load-balancer probes, to check the health of nodes. When a node or group is selected and the Apply Probe button is pressed, Media Flow Manager creates a namespace on the node(s) with (name) generic_probe, (uri-prefix) /probe, (domain) any, and the Media Flow Manager as the origin-server. This namespace cannot be deleted.
There is a pre-loaded object (probe.dat) in the Media Flow Manager that can be requested of a Media Flow Controller via the probe namespace. Media Flow Controller fetches the object from the Media Flow Manager as origin and delivers it, thereby confirming the whole service path is working. The probe request must be of this form:
http://<media flow controller>/probe/probe.dat
Select a Media Flow Controller node or group and click Apply Probe. See Figure 73 for graphic. The Probe Profile Information area displays your probe configuration.
Figure 73 Preset Profiles > Apply Probe Page Detail

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