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Preset Profiles > Preset Actions
For the selected Media Flow Controller or group, you can use Preset Actions.
Show Namespace
On the Preset Profiles > Show Namespace page, select an individual Media Flow Controller Node or Group and click Show Namespace. A new window opens with all of the namespace settings configured on that node or the profile assigned to that node or Group. See Figure 70 next.
Figure 70 Preset Profiles > Show Namespace Page Detail
Purge Objects
Purge all the objects or enter a criteria to purge selected objects. See Figure 71 for graphic.
Select a managed Media Flow Controller or Group from the drop-down lists and Enter a namespace name for same. You can use the Show Namespace page to find the namespaces of a given Media Flow Controller or group. See cmc auth in the Media Flow Controller Administrator’s Guide and CLI Command Reference for details. All objects stored by MFD, RAM cache and disk cache, are stored as UUID:/uri/filename, this option derives UUID from the specified namespace.
Once the namespace is selected, choose from these options to purge objects:
All—Delete all objects in that namespace’s disk cache.
Pattern—Delete objects based on patterns. For Release 2.0.2, only the asterisk (*) wildcard is available for pattern use. Asterisk (*) matches zero or more characters of any kind
URI—All objects stored by Media Flow Controller, RAM and disk cache, are stored as UUID:/uri/filename; this options deletes all objects of the given namespace with that URI.
Click Purge Objects to complete the object purge and Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 71 Preset Profiles > Purge Objects Page Detail
Audit Nodes
Use this page to check a Media Flow Controller configuration against the profile configuration applied to it. Do this if you suspect that node’s or node group’s configuration has changed after a profile was applied. See Figure 72 for graphic.
Important! You must create a baseline audit for your nodes and/or groups by clicking Audit Node pro-actively; do this anytime a new profile is applied or changes are made.
Figure 72 Preset Profiles > Audit Nodes Page Detail

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