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CMC Profiles > Apply Profile
You use the CMC Profiles > Apply Profile page to apply configured profiles to managed nodes or groups. Note! When you apply a profile, its CLI commands are added to the existing configuration on the appliance. See Figure 65, next.
Profile—Choose a configured profile from the drop-down list.
CLI commands—Enter commands, in desired execution order, one per line.
Single CLI command—Enter a single CLI command with the secure echo (only asterisks display).
Select either an Appliance or Group from the drop-down lists.
Reset appliance configuration beforehand—Use this option to wipe most configurations on the client system before applying the profile. These configurations that may be better un-changed with a profile application are maintained: hostname, interfaces, routes, ARP, SSH, timezone, and licenses. This is disabled by default.
Save appliance configuration to persistent storage afterwards—Does a save operation on the managed node(s) after the profile is applied.
Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 65 CMC Profiles > Apply Profile Page

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