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Create Profiles
The CMC Profiles > Manage Profiles page is where you create profiles, sets of commands, that you can then apply to individual managed nodes or groups of managed nodes. See Figure 64, next, for graphic. To create a profile, follow these steps.
Enter a Name for the profile, a Comment (optional), and choose either a Source Appliance from the drop-down list or a configured Source Profile, or leave the selections as (none) and click Add Profile. The new profile displays in the CMC Profiles table at the top of the page.
To view the profile, all its commands and their sequence, and make changes, click a Name link for an existing profile. The Edit Profile page displays with information and action options on the selected profile. You can select a configured Profile name from the drop-down list and click Select (if needed) to edit a profile.
You can Edit the comment for the selected profile; click Apply when done. The comment for that profile changes.
You can add a Generic Command by entering a Sequence # for where in the sequence of existing commands for that profile this command should be executed, and entering a CLI command in the Command text box. Click Add Command and that command displays, in order, in the All commands list for that profile.
In the All commands for CMC profile “<profile>” area, each command issued to configure the selected profile displays, in sequenced order, with a checkbox next to it. You can select any displayed command for the selected profile and click Remove. The command goes away from the profile.
Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 64 CMC Profiles Page

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