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CMC Setup > Identities
Use this page to create Media Flow Manager identities for authentication with ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2. See Figure 61 for graphic. See cmc auth for CLI details on the options.
Media Flow Manager is able to authenticate client connection requests using ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2. This is optional, you can simply use the default password authentication method; default user is admin, password is none (empty). For CLI details, see cmc auth. If you want to use ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2 identities:
Enter an Identity Name for either ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2 and click Generate Identity. The generated identity displays in the list table at the top of the page and is available to be selected in the drop-down list to Push to an appliance. It also becomes available in the drop-down list for that identity type on the CMC Setup > Media Flow Controllers page.
For any managed node that you want to use this identity for connections, select the Identity in the drop-down list and the Appliance, enter a Username and Password, and click Push Identity. Now, when you go to log in to that node, you will use the Username and Password you entered and will be authenticated with the identity keys you generated.
Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 61 CMC Setup > Identities Page

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