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Monitoring > CMC Media Flow Controllers
This page provides statistics and action options for managed Media Flow Controllers, see Figure 5, next, for graphic.
Media Flow Controller—The managed Media Flow Controller hostname. Click the name link to open the Management Console for that Media Flow Controller; a login is required. Note that configuration changes for that Media Flow Controller are greyed-out unless you specifically choose to enable configuration.
Enabled—Whether or not monitoring of this Media Flow Controller is enabled.
Connected—Whether or not this Media Flow Controller is currently connected.
Connection Duration—How long this Media Flow Controller has been connected to this Media Flow Manager.
Status—Whether or not this Media Flow Controller is still connected and running.
Click the Configure CMC link to jump to the CMC Setup page. Click Detail for a selected Media Flow Controller to get more information, see Figure 6, next, for graphic.
Figure 5 Monitoring -> CMC Media Flow Controllers Page
Details Page
This page displays when you click a Details link for a managed node in the Managed Media Flow Controllers table at top. See Figure 6, next, for graphic.
For each managed Media Flow Controller:
Click the Prev and Next navigation buttons to scroll through the managed Media Flow Controllers.
Click OK to go back to the main CMC Media Flow Controllers page.
Click Refresh to update the page with new information (if any).
Click Reconnect if your Connected status is red.
Click Interrupt to stop a profile or command set from being applied, once application has already started.
Click Remove Key if you need to install new Host Keys.
Figure 6 Monitoring -> CMC Media Flow Controllers Media Flow Controller Detail Window

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