Media Flow Manager Web-Based Interface

Media Flow Manager Web-Based Interface
The Media Flow Manager provides a Web-based interface (see Figure 3) to three major services and all needed system configurations. In addition to First Time Login and Monitoring (first two topics), these configuration topics are covered:
System Config—Set up system functions, including hosts, users, security, and upgrades.
CMC Setup—Set CMC options and add nodes and/or groups of nodes to be managed.
CMC Profiles—Create profiles (sets of commands) and apply them to nodes and groups.
Preset Profiles—On defined take actions on managed nodes.
Service Director—Set GeoIP-based load distributing options.
Admission Control—Set admission control options to work with Service Director.
View Logs—View the system log.
Reports—For configured nodes, generate reports.
This chapter describes each page of the Media Flow Manager and each option.
Figure 3 Media Flow Manager Login Page Detail

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Media Flow Manager Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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