About the Command Line Interface (CLI) : Connecting and Logging In

Connecting and Logging In
You can connect to the CLI with SSH, Telnet (once enabled, Telnet is disabled by default), or serial console using the IP address of your Media Flow Manager. The Media Flow Manager responds with a login prompt. Enter admin as the user; there is no default password. Once you have connected, you must enter enable and then configure terminal in order to begin configuring Media Flow Manager.
Likewise, you can log in to the Web-based interface by entering the IP address in a browser window and using admin as the login name.
Each user account has at least one privilege level that determines which commands they can issue and what CLI modes they can access (modes are described below):
Monitor (monitor): Can read all data and perform all actions, but not change any configuration. Can enter Enable mode from Standard mode but cannot change configurations.
Unprivileged (unpriv): Can issue a small subset of commands including debugging and show commands. Can log in to Standard mode only.

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Media Flow Manager Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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