CLI Commands : reset

Reset configuration, delete logs, and all other data.
reset factory [keep-all-config] [keep-basic] [reboot]
reset factory—‘Scrub’ the system clean, resetting it entirely to its factory state. This does not just involve configuration (done with the configuration revert command instead), but everything on the system: logs, stats, CLI command history, system image files (not the image installations), as well as resetting the configuration to factory defaults and deleting all other configuration files. The system halts after this process, unless the reboot option is set, in which case it reboots.
keep-all-config—Preserve everything in the active configuration file, and also do not delete any other configuration files. You are prompted for confirmation before honoring this command, unless confirmation is disabled with the no cli default prompt confirm-reset command.
keep-basic—Preserve licenses in the active configuration file.
reboot—Reboot system after reset (instead of halting).

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