CLI Commands : ip

Configure Internet protocol (IP) settings. See “Configuring Interfaces, Hostname, Domain List, DNS, and Default Gateway” on page 61 for task details.
default-gateway {<next_hop_IP_address_or_Interface> [<interface>]}
primary-intf <interface_name>
default-gateway yeild-to-static
domain-list <domain_name_for_resolving_hostnames> ...
host <hostname> <IP_address>
name-server <IP_address>
route <network_prefix> {<netmask> | <mask_length>} {<next_hop_IP_address> | <interface>}
default-gateway—Set or delete (with no) the default route.
dhcp—Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol settings. Note that an interface is only eligible to be the DHCP primary if it is "admin up", has DHCP enabled, and has gotten a DHCP lease. Ineligibility does not prevent an interface from being configured as the DHCP primary interface, but prevents it from actually being used as such. If the configured primary is eligible, it is chosen as the acting primary; otherwise, one of the eligible interfaces is chosen (the first, in alphabetical order).
primary-intf—Set or delete (with no) the interface from which non-interface-specific configurations (resolver and routes) are accepted via DHCP.
default-gateway yield-to-static—Whether or not a DHCP default gateway yields to a statically configured default gateway. Default is not to yield, so the DHCP default gateway is added to the statically configured one. If yield-to-static is set, DHCP's default gateway is not installed if there is already one statically configured.
domain-list—Add or delete (with no) domain(s) to try unqualified hostnames in.
host—Add or delete (with no) hostname/IP mappings for /etc/hosts.
map-hostname—Set or delete (with no) a static host mapping for the current hostname.
name-server—Add or delete (with no) DNS servers.
route—Set or delete (with no) a static route. If it is called with only a network prefix and mask, this deletes all routes for that prefix.
show ip
route [static]
default-gateway [static]
route—Display the routing table in the system, which includes dynamic routes as well as any active static routes. Use static to display the list of static routes. Note that ip route only works on devices that already have an IP address assigned.
default-gateway—Display the currently active default route, or the configured one, if static is used. This is redundant with show ip route [static], provided for ease of use.

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