CLI Commands : cmc : cmc status

cmc status
Configure CMC status monitoring of managed appliances.
cmc status
check-interval <number_of_seconds>
timeout <number_of_seconds>
force check
enable—Enable or disable status checking of connected appliances.
check-interval <number of seconds>—Sets the time delay between the start of one status check and the start of the next.
timeout <number of seconds>—Sets the amount of time we'll wait to hear back from an appliance before deciding that it's not going to reply. When this happens, we consider it a status failure, and also break our connection with the appliance.
force-check—Force an immediate check of all connected appliances, even if status checking is disabled overall (but still does not check appliances for which status checking is disabled).
criteria <criterion name> enable—Enable or disable the checking of a particular status criterion. Each criterion can only be enabled or disabled completely; not on a per-appliance basis. (i.e. you can turn off checking of criterion X on all appliances, and/or you can turn off checking of all criteria on appliance Y, but you cannot just turn off checking of criterion X on appliance Y.)
show cmc status
Display status checking configuration, and the most recent results of status checking for all appliances.

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