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cmc server
Configure CMC server options.
cmc server
execution timeout average <milliseconds>
client-requests enable
client-requests username
bw-limit per-appliance limit <kbytes_per_second>
execution timeout average <number of milliseconds>—Set the maximum total time to wait per command when applying a profile or a series of CLI commands to a remote system. For example, if this is set to 2000ms, and you apply a profile containing six commands, there will be a timeout of 12 seconds on the entire operation before the server gives up. The server will not break a connection with an appliance if this timeout expires, however; it will report the operation as failed. The status polling mechanism is the only way that a server can completely give up on a client and break the connection.
client-requests enable—Enable or disable processing of proxied requests from CMC clients. If enabled, components on CMC clients may make requests to their local mgmtd which are proxied to the mgmtd on the CMC server.
client-requests username <username>—If processing of proxied requests from CMC clients is enabled, specifies the user account whose credentials are used for these requests. Only a currently valid account may be chosen. If the account specified here is later deleted, this will be reset to 'admin', and the proxying feature disabled.
bw-limit per-appliance limit <kbytes per second>—Set or remove a limit on bandwidth the CMC server will use to transmit to each appliance it is connected to. Note that this is NOT an aggregate bandwidth limit on all transmissions from the server to appliances, since bandwidth is tracked on a per-session (per-appliance) basis. We will use up to this amount of bandwidth PER APPLIANCE that we are currently transmitting to.
show cmc server
Show general CMC server configuration and status.

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