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cmc rendezvous
Configure Central Management Console rendezvous options.
cmc rendezvous
accept {client <client> | all}
auth default
password username <name> password [<password>]
ssh-dsa2 | ssh-rsa2 username <name> identity <identity>
service-name <name>
server—Set CMC server rendezvous options:
accept client or all—Accept or reject a single client in the tentative list, or all of them. The <client> is the IP address of the client, though the hostname is also provided in the online help listing all of the options. (The IP address is used because it is guaranteed to be unique in the listing. There could be multiple records with the same hostname, although we'd rather this not happen.) Accepting the client adds its configuration to the CMC appliance list. Rejecting the client removes it from the tentative list.
auth default—Specify what authentication method, and specific pieces of information needed by that method, to use to log into clients that announce themselves using the rendezvous mechanism. All of this data is copied into the appliance record when the appliance is accepted.
authtype—Enter either password to use configured password authentication, ssh-dsa2 to use configured ssh-dsa2 authentication, or ssh-rsa2 to use configured ssh-rsa2 authentication.
password—Choose to authenticate with a password and username; if the positive form of the password password command is used with no password, the user is prompted for the password. Any entries made at this prompt only echo with the asterisk (*) character, and the user has to enter the same string twice for confirmation.
ssh-dsa2—Choose to authenticate with ssh-dsa2; enter the identity and username needed.
ssh-rsa2—Choose to authenticate with ssh-rsa2; enter the identity and username needed.
auto-accept—On a CMC server, enable or disable automatic acceptance of CMC clients who present themselves for management. The clients still have to log into the server before they can be eligible. If this is disabled, the administrator must approve each client before it will be added to configuration
enable—If the system is a CMC server, whether or not it accepts rendezvous requests by clients. This does not mean that the clients will be automatically accepted for management; only that we will listen to them at all.
service-name—Set or clear the service name which is used for CMC rendezvous.
show cmc rendezvous
Show all current configuration and state of CMC rendezvous, whether the system is a server or a client. On a server, this includes listing the clients that have attempted rendezvous but not yet been accepted. On a client, this involves showing our rendezvous status, and whether or not we are currently under management.

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