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cmc profile
Configure profiles (sets of commands) that CMC can use on managed appliances.
cmc profile <profile_name>
apply group <group_name> [reset] [no-save]
apply appliance <appliance_id> [reset] [no-save]
execute group <group_name> command [<CLI command>]
execute appliance <appliance_name> command [<CLI command>]
rename <new_profile_name>
comment <comment>
command <sequence#> <CLI_command>
commands <CLI_commands>
extract-from appliance <appliance_ID>
Create or delete a profile with a name that describes a profile of cli commands which can be applied to appliances. Notes:
apply—Applies a profile (a group of CLI commands) to a remote appliance or group. The reset option resets most of the configuration on the target system(s) to factory defaults before applying the profile. By default, the configuration is not reset but is saved to persistent storage with write memory after applying the profile; this can be skipped by using the no-save option.
execute—Execute a single ad-hoc command on an appliance or group. The command is not stored persistently on the server. If the command is not specified on the command line, the system will prompt for it and echo the characters securely, in case the command is confidential.
rename <new_profile_name>—Rename the specified profile.
comment <comment>—Add a comment to the profile for display in 'show profile <profile_name>'. No other use. The 'no' modifier deletes the comment.
command <sequence #> <CLI command>—Add a CLI command to the profile (create the profile if it doesn't already exist). The <sequence #> is an integer and controls the order within the profile as to when the particular CLI command will be executed. Commands are executed from smallest to largest <sequence #>. Use no cmc profile <profile_name> command [<sequence #>] to remove commands from a profile. If a sequence number is specified, only that one is removed; otherwise, all commands are removed.
extract-from appliance <appliance_id>—Extract running configuration from the specified appliance and put it in the specified profile. If the profile already has commands in it, this command will fail. Certain CLI commands will be omitted, as they are expected to represent configuration local to the appliance: those pertaining to network interfaces, routing, ARP, hostname, the resolver, licensing, ssh, time zone, and the CMC itself.
show cmc profiles
Lists all the profiles currently configured.
show cmc profiles <profile_name>
Shows the settings and commands in an individual profile.

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