CLI Commands : cmc : cmc group

cmc group
Configure managed appliances groups.
cmc group <group_name>
rename <new_group_name>
comment <comment>
appliance <appliance_ID>
Create or delete a record with a name that describes a group of appliances to manage. Notes:
rename <new_group_name>—Rename the specified group.
comment <comment>—Add a comment to the group for display in 'show group <group_name>'. No other use. The 'no' modifier deletes the comment.
appliance <appliance_id>—Add an appliance to the group. A group can have any number of appliances, and an appliance can be in any number of groups. The 'no' modifier removes the appliance from the group.
show cmc groups [<group name>]
Display all CMC groups, or a specified one.

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