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cmc auth
Configure CMC authorization. See “CMC Setup > Identities” on page 71 for implementation details.
cmc auth
host-key {strict | global-only}
{ssh-dsa2 | ssh-rsa2} identity <identity>
public <key>
private [<key>]
ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2 identity—Configure options for ssh-dsa2 or ssh-rsa2 authorization.
generate—Generate a new identity (a private and public key-pair) or delete (with no) an existing identity.
public <key> or private [<key>]—If a DSA2/RSA2 identity (a private and public key-pair) has been generated by other means, associate the named identity with those keys. If the private key command is used with no key, the user is prompted for the key; entries made at this prompt echo the star (*) character, and the user must enter the same string twice for confirmation.
ssh—Configure Secure Shell (ssh) options:
host-key global-only or strict—Control strictness of checking host keys when establishing a connection with another host using the CMC. Use global-only to control whether the global known hosts file is the only one used (default is disabled). Use strict to allow a connection only if there is already a known host entry that matches what the remote host sends. So you have to either manually install a key, or temporarily disable strict mode to get the key installed automatically. With strict disabled (default), CMC automatically accepts a host key from a host for which there is no prior entry; but the host is still rejected if there already is an entry that does not match what they send.
show cmc auth identities [{ssh-rsa2 | ssh-dsa2} [<identity name>]]
Display CMC identities. Can display all identities, all of a certain type, or just a specified one, depending on which parameters are used.
show cmc auth ssh
Display CMC SSH global settings.

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