CLI Commands : cmc

Configure Central Management Console.
appliance <appliance_ID>
auth {ssh | ssh-dsa2 | ssh-rsa2}
cancel {appliance <appliance_ID> | {all | group <group_name>}} all
execute {appliance <appliance_ID> | group <group_name>} [command <string>]
group {all | <group_name>}
profile <profile_name>
rendezvous client [service-name]
server [bw-limit] [client-requests] [enable] [execution]
status [check-interval] [enable] [force-check] [timeout]
auth—See cmc auth, below.
cancel—Choose either an appliance or a group and cancel all outstanding commands.
execute—Choose either an appliance or a group and execute either a specified command, or, if none is specified, a command you enter at a prompt.
group—See cmc group, below.
profile—See cmc profile, below.
server—See cmc server, below.
status—See cmc status, below.

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Media Flow Manager Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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