CLI Commands : boot

Configure system booting parameters.
bootmgr password [0 <cleartext_password> | 7 <encrypted_password> | <cleartext_password>]
next fallback-reboot enable
system {location <location_ID> | next}
bootmgr password—Set the system boot manager password.
0 <cleartext_password>—Allows the password to be specified in cleartext.
7 <encrypted_password>—Allows the password to be provided in the same encrypted form in which it would be stored in the system password file. Useful for show configuration, since the cleartext password cannot be recovered after it is set.
<cleartext_password>—Enter a cleartext password; if none is specified, the user is prompted for the password, with entries obscured, requiring the same string to be entered twice for confirmation.
next fallback-reboot enable—Allow or disallow (with no) enabling fallback reboot if the configuration file cannot be applied after an upgrade or downgrade is attempted.
system—Specify which location the system should boot from by default; use 1 or 2 for location ID. Use next to set the boot location to be the next one after the one currently booted from. Note this does not mean the next one after the one Media Flow Controller is currently set to boot from; thus the command is idempotent, and does not cycle through all of the available locations.
show bootvar
Similar to show images in that it displays what images are on the two locations, and which are the active and default location; but not all of the show images data is displayed.

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