Preface : Command Arguments Key

Command Arguments Key
This section is a key to the meaning and format of the angle-bracketed options described in this document.
The command can be executed without entering Configure mode, which is reserved for privileged users. EXEC commands are only executed once; for example, re-formatting a disk is an EXEC command. EXEC commands can’t be saved across reboots.
A domain name; for example,
A hostname; for example,
An IPv4 address; for example,
A MAC address. The segments may be 8 bits or 16 bits at a time, and may be delimited by colon (:) or dot (.). Examples: 11:22:33:44:55:66, 1122:3344:5566,, or1122.3344.5566.
A netmask (for example, or mask length prefixed with a slash (for example, /24). These two express the same information in different formats.
<network prefix>
An IPv4 network prefix specifying a network. Used in conjunction with a netmask to determine which bits are significant.e.g. "".
An extended regular expression as defined by the grep man page. The value you provide here is passed on to grep -E.
TCP/UDP port number
A TCP port number in the full allowable range [0..65535].
A normal URL, using any protocol that WGET supports, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and TFTP; or a pseudo-URL specifying an SCP file transfer.
The SCP (secure channel protocol) pseudo-URL format is
The path is an absolute path. Paths relative to the user's home directory are not currently supported.
Important! You must have an SCP or FTP server installed in order to SCP or FTP, respectively, files to your machine.
Note! Media Flow Controller does not support outbound FTP transactions.
Note! If you omit the :password part, you may be asked for the password in a follow-up prompt, where you can type it securely (without the characters being echoed). This prompt occurs if the cli default prompt empty-password setting is true; otherwise, the CLI assumes you do not want any password. If you include the colon (:) character, this is taken as an explicit declaration that the password is empty, and you are not prompted in any case.

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