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When upgrades are available, Juniper Networks will broadcast the upgrade URL to use in this procedure. Note that the upgrade preserves the current, saved, configurations; however, you may still want to save the current configuration to a file off-box by following the previous procedure, “Saving and Applying a Configuration” on page 2-19.
Tip! When upgrading, you may lose your management interface assignment. If this happens, your licenses will not work and you will not be able to log in to the Web-based Management Console or SSH to the appliance; use show license to see if your licenses are broken. To fix this, note the HW address part of your licenses and use show interface brief to find which interface matches that HW address. Then use management interface <interface_name> to assign that interface as eth0 management interface. Your licenses should be working then.
Upgrading with the Web-Based Management Console
You can use the Web-based Management Console, System Config > Upgrade page to easily upgrade your system if you have an install image URL or have obtained the image and installed it locally. Important! After upgrading to the image using the System Config > Upgrade page, you must go to the System Config > Reboot page and reboot your system for the upgrade to complete.
To install Media Flow Controller or Media Flow Manager, which means removing all the data on the root drive for a fresh install, see the following installation chapters as appropriate.
Upgrading with the CLI
Follow these steps to upgrade your system using the CLI.
image fetch <URL>/<filename>
image install <filename>
show images
image boot next
show version

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