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Example Machine Setup
Table 3 provides details of an example configuration; your configuration may differ considerably. In Table 3, and Figure 1, the appliance wiring logic is:
Eth 0—Running SNMP, sending analytics to another machine, Web management, SSH, and Telnet; connected to your internal network.
Eth 1—Upstream fetching content from origin; connected to the network that connects to the origin server.
Eth 2 - 5—Service traffic; connected to the public Internet.
Eth 0 and Eth 1 are onboard interfaces whereas Eth 2-5 traffic port recommendations are Intel Pro/1000 PT/VT dual- or quad-port NIC for GbE. These are the minimum TCP/UDP port requirements, other ports can be opened up on an as-needed basis. By default, the Media Flow Controller management port is 8080.
Note! The installation procedure provides several options for correctly identifying and naming the ethernet interfaces. See Ethernet Naming Options in Chapter 3, “Installing Media Flow Controller with CD-ROM or USB for details.
Figure 1 Example Connectivity
Open Ports
Internet Access

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