Getting Started : Pre-Installation Planning

Pre-Installation Planning
Before installing Juniper Networks software, ensure that your hardware meets these conditions:
Top-quality cables are used. Juniper Networks recommends CAT5e or CAT6 for GbE, CAT6A for 10GbE, or Fiber LL cables. However, CAT5 cables can be used for GbE if the cable lengths are expected to be short (ex. 5’ or less). A poorly functioning cable can inhibit performance.
Additionally, you’ll need:
To know which physical ports you want named eth0 and eth1. This is important because eth0 (management interface) and eth1 (recommended origin-fetch interface) are usually NOT automatically assigned to the optimal ports (non-traffic bearing); instead, you must make this assignment as part of the installation.
Tip! Go to NTP Servers Web to find public NTP servers.
Important! Media Flow Controller and Media Flow Manager do not support RAID arrays.

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