Installing Media Flow Controller with CD-ROM or USB : Creating USB Images : Linux Instructions

Linux Instructions
Plug in your USB drive. Become root. The rest of these instructions are done as root.
Mount the USB drive somewhere of your choosing. These instructions use /dev/sda1, with the USB drive mounted on /mnt/flash. You may need to look at /etc/fstab, dmesg, or the /var/log/messages file to discover the partition name. Depending on how your USB drive is set up, the drive may be all one partition with no partition table (like /dev/sda), or may be a partition inside a partition table (like /dev/sda1).
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash
Unzip the Juniper Networks file into the root directory of your USB drive, and then unmount it:
cd /mnt/flash
unzip ~/Work/tree/output/product-demo-i386/release/mfgusb/
cd ~ umount /mnt/flash
Install syslinux on the drive to make it bootable. The default version of syslinux included is 3.09 (as syslinux.exe), and an older version 2.11 is also included (as sysln211.exe). Important! Remember to substitute your device name here, is it may be different than
/dev/sda1. If you use the wrong device name you could seriously damage your computer!
syslinux /dev/sda1
shutdown -h now

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