Installing Media Flow Manager : Installing Media Flow Manager—CD-ROM/USB

Installing Media Flow Manager—CD-ROM/USB
When the Media Flow Manager software is installed on a machine that does not currently have Media Flow Manager installed, it reformats the root drive in the system. While the software is installing, at times no progress indicator is given while formatting the drives. Please be patient. When installing on a machine that has Media Flow Manager currently installed, you have a choice to retain the data in the caches.
Type the following command to get the Media Flow Manager image file installed. Note! If using PXE, follow this command with the URL of the image file.
The end-user license agreement (EULA) displays. You must type yes to proceed. You can also type no, in which case the installation is cancelled; or again to see the EULA again. The following message displays:
Installation is done at <number>
Reboot by typing reboot. When prompted for build choice, do nothing; this brings up the Media Flow Manager platform now on the local disk.
Log in as User admin; there is no default password.
configure terminal
Set the IP address, hostname, default gateway, DNS server, and a domain list (to resolve unqualified hostnames). Install licenses, if you have the license keys.
interface eth0 ip address <management_port_IP_address> <netmask>
hostname <hostname_for_machine>
ip default-gateway <gateway_server_IP_address>
ip name-server <DNS_server_IP_address>
ip domain-list <domain_name_for_resolving_hostnames> ...
ntp server <NTP_server_IP_address>
license install <license_key>
configuration write
As you have just changed the network information for your system, you must re-associate Media Flow Manager with the interfaces. Either reboot (reload command) or enter this command:
service restart mod_delivery
show version
show license
You are now ready to begin configuring Media Flow Manager. See the Juniper Networks Media Flow Manager Administrator’s Guide and CLI Command Reference.
Note! If an unexpected interface is assigned eth0, your installed licenses will be invalid since they rely on the MAC address of an assigned interface and that interface changed. If that is the case, you need to manually assign the interfaces; see “Changing Ethernet Name Assignments After Installation” on page 2-18 for details.

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