Media Flow Controller Overview : Media Flow Controller Functions

Media Flow Controller Functions
Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller provides several highly specialized functions for optimizing the delivery and storage of media content. Media Flow Controller utilizes namespaces as a way to set up delivery policies for different categories of content and consumers.
Key elements to the creation of your delivery policies are a few Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller functions, described in the following sections:
Delivery Methods—Different supported media delivery protocols and options.
Hierarchical Caching—How Media Flow Controller optimizes object caching.
AssuredFlow™—Guarantees bit rates to clients based on client needs or Service Level Agreements.
SmoothFlow™—Provides a smooth viewing experience by dynamically detecting the available bandwidth and seamlessly varying the bit-rate of the media being delivered.
Network Connection—Set global connection options specifically for content delivery optimization.
Namespace—Create media delivery policies.
Virtual Player—Create fine-grained media handling policies; virtual players you create are then associated with a namespace thus providing detailed media policies.
Media Flow Manager—Manage remote Media Flow Controllers as individual nodes or groups: monitor, create and apply profiles (set of commands), edit remotely. Also, utilize GeoIP-based Service Locator, Admission Control, and special Reports via AWstats.

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Media Flow Controller Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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