Media Flow Controller Overview : Environment

Media Flow Controller software can be deployed in any network that uses the TCP/IP protocol. Media Flow Controller allows you to manage and deploy network bandwidth efficiently, thereby ensuring the highest quality experience for your end users. Media Flow Controller is compatible with the other tools, applications, and solutions that constitute your content management and deployment environment.
The Media Flow Controller open architecture enables it to integrate easily into existing network and storage infrastructures without requiring disruptive changes. Media Flow Controller supports industry standard storage interfaces and devices.
Media Flow Controller uses deep media intelligence, identifying and understanding different content type requirements, to store, distribute, and deliver content based on those requirements. It creates an hierarchical caching solution that dynamically shifts content between tiers. Via adaptive bit rate streaming, Media Flow Controller offers comprehensive support for delivering different bit rates of media depending on variations in the network; both native adaptive streaming and third-party techniques are supported.

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Media Flow Controller Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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