Media Flow Controller Overview

Media Flow Controller Overview
The Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller combines video intelligence, storage organization, multi-tier caching, and network optimization to scale media throughput and enhance end-user experience in a purpose-built appliance.
Media Flow Controller is powered by the Juniper Networks Media Operating System (NMoS™), a media-intelligent operating system designed to serve large numbers of sessions and deliver high throughput by optimizing resource utilization and new media technologies.
Media Flow Controller can be implemented as an end-to-end cache; an edge cache; an origin server; a mid-tier cache; or used for storage or load balancing optimization; to cache, store, and serve content in one box and is designed to:
Combine media storage optimization, multi-tier caching, and rate-based delivery mechanisms to deliver large numbers of concurrent media streams at different data rates with an extremely high aggregate bandwidth.

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Media Flow Controller Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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