Media Flow Controller Web-Based Interface : Dashboard Tab

Dashboard Tab
Dashboard page example given “Media Flow Controller Dashboard Example,” next.
Cumulative—The time since this Media Flow Controller has been running without reboot or shutdown.
GB delivered—The total byte count of all objects Media Flow Controller has delivered since running.
Byte hit ratio—The percentage of cumulative data (bandwidth) served from RAM/Disk/TFM compared to Total Data Served since the start of Media Flow Controller.
Cache hit ratio—The number of objects Media Flow Controller served from RAM or Disk divided by the total number of objects served.
Bandwidth—Total number of bytes delivered from RAM or Disk / Total number of bytes delivered.
Number of Requests—Total number of objects delivered form RAM or Disk / Total number of objects delivered (irrespective of size).
Objects Delivered—The total number of objects served by this Media Flow Controller since running.
Graphs (see Figure 90):
Active Sessions— Media Flow Controller connections to the client, background connections (i.e. fetching from origin) is not shown here.
Weekly Bandwidth Savings—Saved bandwidth is bandwidth used by traffic that did not come from origin.
Cache Throughput—Bandwidth and place from which data was served.
Cache Tier Throughput—Green is served from RAM, Yellow is promoted from RAM to disk, Red is evicted from cache.
Figure 90 Media Flow Controller Dashboard Example
Disk Cache page example; each disk is shown.
Figure 91 Media Flow Controller Disk Cache Graph Example

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