Media Flow Controller Web-Based Interface : Logs Tab : Logs > System Log

Logs > System Log
Use this tab to access system logs; this log (syslog) records system activity. See Figure 89 for graphic.
Continuous log, updated every 10 seconds.
Current log, that day’s activity.
Download log—Opens a File Open dialog so you can save the trace log locally.
Archived (does not display if not applicable) log (1 - n), past logs.
Jan 6 00:10:00 test-vos httpd: [Wed Jan 06 00:10:00 2010] [notice] Apache configured -- resuming normal operations
Fields (some may not display):
Date_and_Time System_Hostname_and_Service_Name: [Process_Date_and_Time] [Severity_Level] Event
Figure 89 Media Flow Controller Example Current Log

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