Media Flow Controller Web-Based Interface : Service Config Tab : Logging

Set accesslog options including automatic download of the accesslog.
Access Log Configuration
Set accesslog parameters. See Figure 87.
Enable—Enable access logging; this records all user activity on the system. The no variant disables. Default is enabled.
Syslog Replicate Enable—Specify whether or not the access log messages are seen as part of SYSLOG also. By default the option is disabled (access log is not seen as part of SYSLOG).
Log Format—Specify the format in which access log is to be obtained. See accesslog for CLI details on log formatting.
Figure 87 Service Config > Access/Error Log Page Detail (Access Log Configuration)
Access Log Copy/Auto Download Configuration
Set automatic downloading of the accesslog. See Figure 88.
URL—The URL to which the accesslog should be downloaded when it reaches the download trigger size, by default when filesize reaches 100MB; this can be changed using the CLI.
Password—The password needed for the download.
Tip! If this Media Flow Controller is going to be managed by a CMC server, set the auto-upload URL to the address of the CMC server and the filepath to /log.
Figure 88 Service Config > Access/Error Log Page Detail (Access Log Copy/Auto Upload Configuration)

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