Media Flow Controller Web-Based Interface : Service Config Tab : Service Config > Media-Cache

Service Config > Media-Cache
Manage media cache disks.
Disk Name
Select the disk you want to configure and Activate, Deactivate, Cache Enable, C ache Disable, or Format it (Repair not supported in Release 2.0.2). See Figure 86.
Click Deactivate if you need to pull the disk for any maintenance purposes; for example, to upgrade to a higher capacity disk, replace a SATA disk with a SAS disk, or replace a failed disk. Important! Media Flow Controller allows OIR (On-line Insertion and Removal) of HDD (Hard Disk Drives). However, the HDD MUST be made inactive to be removed. When a new HDD is in the disk, it must be made active and (if so decided) enabled for caching.
Figure 86 Service Config > Media-Cache Page Detail

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